Concentration: Media Management

Title of Project: Social Dreaming: An analysis of “The Matrix

Inspiration Behind the Project:

What if one day you woke up out of your sleep and found that what you thought was a dream was actually real?

I’ve always had a fascination with dreams and films, and felt that the two went hand in hand. We live in a world built on dreams that connect us all on a subconscious level. Social Dreaming is a concept that has been around for years and with my fascination with dreams and film, I have decided to collaborate the three in my Thesis.

Current Status:

Traci graduated from L.I.U in May 2010 with a Masters in Media Arts. She took production courses (mostly editing classes). She also worked as an intern at Hybrid films, where she helped log tapes. While attending L.I.U. she helped to edit a documentary called, “Jamaican Jerk Tour.” It was directed by Diana O’Gilvie a graduate from L.I.U/Media Arts . Traci is currently working on getting her certification in teaching in the arts (theatre/film).