Concentration: Media Management

Hometown: Buffalo, New York


I joined the Media Arts program because I always knew I was creative
and that I wanted to create in any shape or form. From curating events, to creating event posters, to watching videos on Youtube I
have always been attracted to being hands-on.
Through the Media Arts program I was able to explore various
avenues of media in which I never thought that I would. I was
able to expand my knowledge and network and create with other
creative individuals.
My 5 year plan is to start my event planning company where I will be
able to offer in house specialties such as videography, photography,
audio, graphics and of course planning and design.

Title of Project: #GIRLSenForce

Inspiration Behind the Project:

The creative inspiration of #GIRLSnForce is inspired by my advocacy of young girls, particularly those interested in media.I believe young girls should have several female role models.
Young girls deserve to have the opportunity to grow up with purpose, the right education, and creativity in order to develop into strong forces in society. #GIRLSnForce reflects my beliefs that women are worthy, original, magical, astonishing, and noble. #GIRLSnForce is an outlet designed to reach this target audience to make their experience interactive, educational, engaging and long-lasting. In 2017 where the world is media driven I want #GirlsenForce to be a platform, where young girls can use various aspects of media such as film, music and photography to create, obtain knowledge and be inspired.