Concentration: Film Studies

Title of Project: Stereotyping and Reinterpreting the Hijab/Veil

Inspiration Behind the Project:

The general perception of Muslims is an inaccurate and derogatory portrayal in a manner that has furthered the creation of an environment of Islamophobia. The representation of Muslim women in media and in common discourse is often fraught with violent and oppressive images and connotations. Islam is depicted as an obsolete religion with outdated practices and not applicable to the twenty first century. The media demonizes Islam, portraying it as a threat to Western culture with its described backward, uncivilized way of life where women are being dominated by the religion of Islam and the hijab seen as a way to oppress and attack women using media and religion.

Louis Althusser explains in his works “Ideology and Ideological State Apparatuses” on the Ideological State Apparatus (ISA) results are discussed in relation to the church, culture, education, family, politics, communications (press, radio, tv and films) are clearly influenced by the media operates to coarse and control.