Concentration: Media Management & Film and Television Production
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Title of Project: The Real Mitches of New York

Inspiration Behind the Project:

Reality Television shows are seen as a way for people to have a brief escape from their reality. They are constantly talked about on social media outlets, at work and for younger generations, in schools. The images that are constantly repeated give viewers a bias representation of the societal status of the upper class. The Real Mitches of New York is my spoof on such reality shows such as The Real Housewives franchise and VH1 shows such as Love & Hip and Basketball Wives.

The Real Mitches of New York follow five New York men; the Nerd, the Jock, the Crybaby, the Religious and the “Wannabe”; as they go about their “daily” lives. There is nothing typical in the lives of these Mitches.