Concentration: Audio Production

Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Title of Project: the evolution will not be commodified

Inspiration Behind the Project:

The album, the evolution will not be commodified is dedicated to
dr. joe sample.

The evolution will not be commodified features a neoteric genus for american music which i call, classic american sound art (casa ). using casa, the album the evolution will not be commodified links media theory with music and serves as a reminder; the human soul cannot be commodified. the album defines evolution as the forward movement of the spirit and the word commodify as monetizing a person, place or thing.

Intensely rooted in african and american artistic tradition, the evolution will not be commodified juxtaposes contemporary and historical sounds with contemporary and historical events with music from be-bop to hip-hop. media theorist walter benjamin states in his 1936 piece the work of art in the age of mechanical reproduction, “the uniqueness of a work of art is inseparable from its being imbedded in the fabric of tradition. this tradition itself is alive and extremely changeable”.

I believe art embodies natural instincts. one of the natural instincts is for art to directly respond against any despotic spell signifying reality and perpetuating mendacity. the evolution’s magnetic aura of mesmerizing music and alluring lyrics is an artwork created as a response to the despotic spell.

Sensitive to the scientific liaison between music and the human brain, the evolution engages power-user techniques while recording and mixing; microscopically focusing on panorama, balance, frequency range, interest, dimension and the dynamics of each sound.

Hence, the evolution will not be commodified specifically constructs vibrant compositions with multihued tracks conjuring a mental montage of yesterdays, todays, and the possibilities of tomorrows alongside vivid lyrics written to explore the american lifestyle ; through inter-personal relationships, mass media and cultural patterns.

With a melodic lens the album, the evolution will not be commodified watches not only american society but also the world and re-contextualizes south african freedom fighter mangaliswo sobukwe’s 1960 anti-media-political catchphrase the revolution will not be televised. later to be popularized in the united states through the 1970 groundbreaking casa, the revolution will not be televised produced by the dynamic partnership of brian jackson and gil scott-heron. the evolution will not be commodified uses warm tones, harmonic melodies, engaging rhythms, intriguing words, rich vocals and enticing instrumentation to merge musical styles from be-bop to hip-hop.
the evolution will not be commodified sounds like a well-seasoned vegetable gumbo with several sonic categories stirred into one composition smelling like america, a multi-ethnic culture.

Max Roach, a co-creator of be-bop once told me the drumbeat connects genres like the heartbeat connects people. the evolution adapts this approach to the intermingling of musical formulas.
media theorist robert wagner explained in his 1849 book the artwork of the future. “artististic man can only fully content himself by uniting every branch of art into one common artwork”.

In addition, the evolution will not be commodified was influenced by media theorists: theodor adorno, marshall mcluhan, edward bernays, paul gilroy, and bell hooks. bell hooks is the reason for the lower case text.  The evolution’s producing influences: brian jackson, max roach, joe sample, stevie wonder, al jarreau, billie holiday and the comish aka gordon williams.

The evolution will not be commodified is founded on the principle of free will, consigned to revealing the controllers who engineer our consent.


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