Concentration: Film & Video Production

Title of Project: Online Love on Screen

Inspiration Behind the Project:

A change has taken place in the human mind…The conviction is already not very far from being universal, that the times are pregnant with change; and that [our era]…will be known to posterity as the era of one of the greatest revolutions…in the human mind, and in the whole constitution of human society…The first of the leading peculiarities of the present age is, that it is an age of transition. -John Stuart Mill, “The Spirit of the Age” (1831)

Mill refers to the “introduction of the railroads, the emergence of powerful new manufacturing technologies…and the expansion of a global empire.”¹ Despite being written in the 19th century, he documents the perception of change that can be likened to the present digital revolution. The digital revolution represents the change from analog technology to digital technology that has been occurring since 1980. Previously, information could only be sent as fast as a ship could sail, a horse could run or a person could walk. Since the inception of the telegraph, however, messages could be sent using electricity. This led the way to the further development of the communication media of the present day by which messages are sent via wireless technology. Communication technology is constantly in transition as our society changes and demands the means to support these social and aesthetic changes. With this proliferation in mind, this paper will assess the changes in communication technology and their impact on the development of interpersonal relationships as represented in two Hollywood romantic comedies.

¹Henry Jenkins and David Thorburn, Rethinking Media Change: The Aesthetics of Transition, 2003.

Current Status:

Raquel Roxanne graduated from Long Island University Brooklyn Campus in 2010. Since graduating, Raquel obtained a full-time position at Strickmann-Ripp’s in casting and research. From her experience at Strickmann-Ripp’s, Raquel was exposed to casting and directing testimonial commercials for clients such as, Advil, Pfizer and Apple.

She also connected with Producer Julia Mintz and worked on her Jewish Partisan documentary project.  A year later, Raquel switched her focus to managing White Witch Entertainment, working to create media that explore diverse topics and issues within popular culture to engage a global audience.