Long Island University’s Media Arts Department is offering a New 48 credit M.F.A. program in Game and Application Design and Development starting in the fall of 2018. This new program is designed to simulate the real world of game and app design by modeling the protocols and procedures of game development companies. Students will move through the process of getting a game or app to market while they simultaneously develop professional portfolios and acquire, through experiential learning, a practical understanding of the industry and field. This program follows a conservatory model, admitting an annual cohort of students, who will study and work both individually, and in teams, to produce viable design projects with market applications.

Students will learn the game development process, including concept and story design, proof of concept testing, user interface design, team development, prototyping, beta testing, pitching and marketing. Students will also gain experience working with game development engines, and develop a knowledge of coding, 2-D and 3-D design and motion capture.

Students will need to submit:

  • Undergrad transcript
  • Two letters of recommendations
  • Cover letter
  • Portfolio