Concentration: Media Management
Hometown: Birmingham, Alabama
Title of Project: King the Movie
Inspiration Behind the Project:
The director, Marcus Henderson, approached me to produce his film, King, and I accepted. As we began to go through the process, Marcus suggested it would make a good thesis, the idea of low budget filmmaking. When I discussed it with my advisors, they were excited about the opportunity to explore new methods and techniques available to the no-budget filmmakers (those making films for less than $125,000).
This is a story of what is in a man’s heart and how it affects his life, choices and identity. It’s also an examination of revenge and justice. Some believe that revenge is the foundation of justice and it is the only justice some can hope for. However, at what cost and is it worth it? Is this true or is there another way? King raises these questions.
King was also born out of a desire for diverse sexuality and masculinity on screen. Black masculinity and sexuality has been stigmatized in African-American pop culture and is in a box. As the characters were developed, their sexuality became as interesting as their complex realities and morality. It became clear that the choices we make in life are what define us, not our sexuality.
This film aims to raise awareness about Black male conditioning in urban America. We trust this awareness, through King, will bridge gaps, inspire discussion and ultimately, healing.