Concentration: Media Management

Title of Project: Men in Crisis: Masculine Identity in David Fincher’s “Fight Club”

Inspiration Behind the Project:
My integrated thesis project is a combination of MA 707 – 30% (paper) and MA 708 – 70% (production), together equaling 100%. For my paper, I looked at the movie Fight Club and its portrayal of gender identity, the representation of masculinity within contemporary western society and how it has changed. Fight Club’s narrative suggests that contemporary notions of traditional-archetypical masculinity have become obsolete. The movie is social commentary of what is truly happening in an American society that is ‘feminized’ by the consumer based capitalist system. For my production, I used my area of concentration, Media Management – Producing, to complete a production book for the movie Across Lines. The movie directly connects with the paper as they both depict men in crisis, fighting to find their identity in modern capitalist America.