Concentration: Film and TV Production
Title of Project: ichat + youchat = WeChat: An Analysis of a Chinese Social Networking Service/ Going the Distance 

Inspiration Behind the Project:

Since the 2000s, with the development of the Internet, sites like Myspace, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, continue to become more and more prominent. Social networking services (also referred to social networking sites or SNS), have penetrated the average person’s life in almost all aspects, such as, communicating with families and friends anytime and anywhere, simply by clicking the computer’s mouse or by touching the cellphone’s screen.

SNS promotes people’s enthusiasm, and everyone can be a publisher of information, whether the information is cheerful or sorrowful. Some people may find it difficult to express private thoughts physically to another person. SNS allows people to reveal their inner feelings in seclusion, which could decrease a sense of loneliness.