Access to state-of-the-art and traditional tools at LIU Brooklyn’s Media Arts program facilitates your creative growth and gives you hands-on experience using everything you’ll need as a creator. Professional technicians and facility managers are on hand to support individual student needs and to lead training sessions and workshops for students and faculty.

Available tools and equipment include 3D printers, laser cutters, and CNC routers; traditional and advanced milling equipment; high-speed plotters; printmaking equipment for all media; woodworking, metalworking, sewing, and textile production areas; rapid prototyping labs; wet lab and work area; digital imaging; audio; and production gear. Photo studios and equipment checkout areas are also accessible which engages your imagination in a range of media.

In addition to the resources available to students, individual programs provide specialized facilities and services that provide optimal conditions for learning.

  • TV Studio / Soundstage & Control Room (LLC 014/LLC015)
  • Alumni Screening Room (LLC 116)
  • Spike Lee Theater (LLC 122)
  • Computer Arts, PC Animation Lab (LLC 123 A&B)
  • Video Editing Mac Labs (HC 221)
  • 5-HD video editing Suit (HC Bays 1-5)
  • Photography Studio (LLC 001)
  • Photography Darkrooms and Wet Lab (LLC 240)
  • MFA in Writing and Producing for Television, Steiner Studio Cyber-classroom and Video Conferencing Facility
  • Digital Audio Mac and ProTools Labs:
    • Studio A (LLC 016)
    • Studio B (LLC 018)
    • Studio C (LLC 005)
    • Live Room (LLC 019)
    • ISO Booth (LLC 004)
  • Coming Soon – Media Hub: This glass-enclosed studio in the heart of the LIU Brooklyn campus will be a high-tech entertainment production environment that rivals many Hollywood studios. The new space will be dedicated primarily to teaching acting for TV and film, news, talk, and magazine-style production. It will house a contemporary set and a green screen with state-of-the-art lighting systems and robotic cameras.
  • Coming Soon – The Paramount Theater: The Paramount Theater is currently undergoing renovation and rejuvenation that will restore the historic theater to its former glory and provide exciting new services to the community and entertainment industry. The LIU Paramount will have capacity for 3,500 guests and create the opportunities for students to gain hands-on industry experience across multiple disciplines, including arts management, media arts, performing arts, marketing, and more. In addition, the LIU Paramount will host private programs and offer free or discounted tickets to students to select events, and a portion of all ticket sales will be provided to support student scholarships.