Daniel Durning, professor at LIU Brooklyn, with Sophie Baron is curating the Post Identity Pavilion at The Wrong Digital Arts Biennial. The Post Identity Pavilion is an re-interpretation of the white cube of a physical art gallery as a 3D virtual reality space acting as an aggregator for works hosted on multiple platforms from YouTube to Instagram. The show has both established digital artists in addition to emerging Millennial personalities in the art realm, in an intergenerational contemplation of Post Identity via high tech digital art and post-internet forms. Things to especially check out:

Marjan Moghaddam’s Non-Binary Glitched Nude in a Field of Generative Fractal Filigrees explores how technology is enabling us to overcome the gender binary and create new fluid identities in digital space, using 3d animation and special effects to depict a multi gendered figure elastically playing and defining itself through digital deformations.

Charles Rose’s Matter, depicts a glitched African American male in a heroic and defiant pose expressing the frustration and sufferings felt by people of color, while simultaneously depicting the uprising in response to this suffering as a Post Capitalist paradigm.

For more information, read the statement. And check out the website at http://www.postidentity.art

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