Concentration: Media Management & Screenwriting

Title of Project: I want what she got (The lack of chick flick for young African American women) & Picking Berries (Screenplay)

Inspiration Behind the Project:

There is a lot to be said about “Chick Flicks”. Hate them or love them, these types of films generate massive amounts of money for the movie industry and have become a mainstay in today’s pop-culture. Whether preying on a young women’s’ insecurity or giving various groups of women a character to relate to; this genre of film shows no signs of slowing down.

However, on this fast- pace race to box office gold, “Chick Flicks” have failed to show a strong presence of color in them. In this paper I plan to discuss the importance of “chick flicks” especially the films geared towards young women who have graduated or are about to graduate from college. I also plan to discuss the positive, feel-good message of most of these flicks and how important it would be to have more films like these that feature young African American women.

The inadequate representation of people of color in “chick flicks” geared towards 21-28 year olds is not acceptable so, I also plan to discuss what can be done to offer a bit more diversity in this particular genre.

Current status: 

Long Island University Brooklyn Campus in 2011, obtaining a Media Arts degree in Screenwriting. Since graduating, Brittania has worked at MTV as a Media Librarian.