Concentration: Media Management & Screenwriting

Title of Project: Disney and the Beast

Inspiration Behind the Project:

The pattern of a fairy tale generally leads to a happy ending. No matter the situation of the overall tale, the main character is bound to find what they were usually consciously/subconsciously trying to find: love. It is an insidious ‘pattern’ that has been ingested by Americans, and in turn, ‘contemporary women’ may be unsure on how to maintain the difference between real life and the fairy tale fantasy. For the purposes of this study, replace the word “folktales” with “fairy tales” to the quote aforementioned.

Current status: 

Anandi has been working as an editor for several years, since graduating from LIU Media Arts in 2011 with a concentration in editing. She went on to work at Sesame Workshops as an administrative assistant of the Creative Services Department and was the Project Manager of the International/Domestic Home Video and Packaging Subdivision. Anandi credits L.I.U/Media Arts for enhancing her ability to analyze and critique print and film media. Currently she is in the process of writing and publishing her own book.